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Credit Scoring and Decisioning System

Take data-driven decisions to minimize the default risk

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Make smart credit decisions with powerful decision management software

Our low-code decision engine allows banks and finance organizations leverage the advanced technologies to improve and automate their decisioning process. It allows assess credit risk accurately, make informed lending decisions, and offer loans with more competitive terms.


Add and activate new data sources with several clicks. By simply drag and drop avoid IT department involvement.


Automate the credit decision-making process and integrate it with your credit scoring model. Process credit applications automatically, retrieve credit reports, and make credit decisions based on your established credit risk policy.

Take 4 steps to automate your credit decision flow

Supercharge your decision flow with 4 steps

  • Shape your credit risk policy

    Prepare a clear credit risk policy that defines your organization’s risk appetite, credit criteria, and decision-making process.

  • Develop a credit scoring model

    Use historical data to identify the factors that are most accurate to predict the credit risk. Develop a scoring model based on those factors.

  • Implement approval workflows

    Use our low-code rule builder to create workflows that will automatically route credit applications.

  • Monitor and update the process

    Continuously test the credit decision process and adjust it with several clicks.

Create, deploy and update your credit decision models without code

Easy configuration of decision models and strategies

  • Design, implement and test decision models and strategies using a fully graphical drag-and-drop editor
  • Version management in a centralized GIT-based model repository
  • Visual UI allows to create and adjust full decision strategy by the business and risk management teams.
  • Seamlessly manage and integrate existing models implemented in Python, Java, R, SAS (PMML format)
Strategy low code builder
360°Customer View

Rapid deployment and execution of decision models

  • Deploy and operationalize decision strategies and machine learning models in real-time
  • Seamlessly integrate decision models into existing workflows and systems using powerful standard APIs
  • Automate credit application and decision workflows
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by making fully documented and traceable decisions

Integrate internal and external data sources

  • Make smarter decisions by being fully agnostic to external data providers
  • Easily integrate external data sources such as credit bureaus and fraud identification services
  • Monitor performance and uptime of external data services
  • Cache data for improved performance and cost efficiency
Personal offer calculation
validation and testing

Simulate and improve risk models and decision strategies

  • Simulate and evaluate different decision scenarios against historical credit application data
  • Analyze the impact of model changes on a portfolio level
  • Run models in parallel (champion-challenger execution)
  • Automated testing of models for rapid deployment

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Key Goals of Risk Management and How We Address Them

Ability to change the decision logic by non-technical users

Full decision strategy can be configured and published without the IT team’s support

Fast time-to-market

Create, update and launch business rules and predictive models with visual UI without code.

Comprehensive client assessment

Scorecards of any complexity, ML, segmented ensembles. Risk-based pricing / limits. Decision modelling and optimisation.

Optimal strategy parameters calculation for new and existing products

Scenario analysis, batch testing of new strategies. Champion/challenger mechanism. Analytical reporting.

Use Cases

Learn how various financial organization streamline processes, improve decision-making accuracy, and minimize the default risk with the help of our scoring and decisioning software.

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Retail Banking

Take lending underwriting and scoring to a new level


Takes fraud prevention to a new level


Take insurance risk prevention to a new level

Private Lenders

Take your lending business to a new level

Proven by leaders


We are proud of our products and we want you to know, what our customers feel about that.

Thanks to ABLE we were able to attract more customers and increase our lending portfolio. 

Paul Maleski
PO @ Get Fast Credit

Before implementing scoring our customers often had to wait weeks for a decision on their loan application, leading to frustration and lost business.

Dmitry Ovsiannikov
Head of Debt Collection @ Renaissance Credit

Our customers were delighted with the faster loan processing times, and the bank saw an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Vadim Klimenko
Chair of the Board @ VTB Bank

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Check out our calendar to find the most convenient time for you!

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