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Loan management software

We provide scalable loan software for lenders and banks. Explore the power of the ABLE Platform™, the true composable loan management system. Automate the entire credit lifecycle from origination to servicing and collections.

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End-to-end lending software

Consumer lending
  • Personal loans
  • Microfinance & payday loans
  • Credit cards
  • POS loans
  • Mortgages
  • Auto finance
  • Refinancing loans, and more

Commercial lending
  • Business and SME lending
  • Merchant cash advance
  • Working capital
  • Credit line
  • Factoring and trade financing
  • Leasing and brokerage
  • Equipment financing, and more

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ABLE Platform™ components

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Loan Origination

  • Multichannel communication with a client, from application to disbursement

  • Fully automated decision-making process

  • Flexible product catalog and proposal matrix calculation

  • UI for application initiation and processing, smart data capture

  • OCR, built-in document management system

  • And much more …

Loan Servicing

  • Cross-sell, up-sell, regular changing of limit and other terms 

  • Personal offers and target promotions calculation

  • Recommendations customers retention

  • Recommendations for bad debt management

  • Transaction authorisations

  • Immediate response to events as well batch calculations

  • And much more…

Debt Collection

  • Pre-collection, Collection and Recovery process automation

  • Integration with IVE, including predictive and progressive mode

  • Configurable Web UI for all agents, personal and group tasks and queues 

  • Mobile application for Field collectors, GPS and offline-mode

  • Collection agency management, API for integration

  • Real-time and batch event processing 

  • And much more…

Loan management software features

ABLE Platform™ covers up to 80% of business needs out-of-the-box, while keeping high adaptability to non-standard requirements. With highly scalable and microservice architecture, ABLE loan management system reduces cost of development and accelerates time to market. Standalone microservices support scale-out components and keep ABLE Platform™ up and running 24/7.

Enterprise Stack

Microservice architecture. Low-code components: Mendix, OutSystems, ProcessMIX, Loginom, etc.

Modular architecture

Flexible, modular design. New modules can be easily attached to cover the full credit lifecycle.

Security by design

Extendable access model. 400+ preconfigured user permissions and 15+ roles out of the box.

High performance

ABLE supports high load: more than 1 application per second. Simultaneously work with hundreds of concurrent users in the system.

Fast time to market

Lightweight implementation in 2 months: from the start of the project to the first issued loan. Proven and referenceable!

Pre-configured components

Up to 80% of business requirements can be covered by the out-of-the-box functionality. 100% of the functionality is open and customisable.

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Trusted by banks and fintechs

ABLE covers the needs of bank loan software, cash loan software, installment loan software, personal loan software, small loan software, and more. Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks and microfinance institutions use our solutions to ensure a continuous and high-quality lending process.

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Why clients choose ABLE Platform?

For large or small financial organisations, ABLE makes lending easier by improving customer onboarding, increasing transparency and streamlining back-office operations.

  • One platform for the full customer lifecycle

  • Up to 80% of business requirements covered out of the box

  • Low Time-to-market: 2-4 months for the 1st product

  • 70% operational cost reduction, compared to manual process

  • Smooth customer experience: 15 seconds till application approval, 15 minutes for loan disbursement

  • AI powered precision of loan decision-making

Recent projects

We have successfully delivered over 65 projects in lending and banking process automation. Some of them are under NDA, though some we are glad to share with you.

More case studies
Loan origination

Lending Platform improved loan origination process


Hosting scorecards without the Bank’s IT department

Early Warning

Early Warning System for the Retail Commercial Bank


Soft-collection Remastering in a Bank

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Very mature solution for loan origination and servicing that has rich features and a powerful decision engine.

Fast deployment within 3 months, a lot of features are available out-of-the-box. The platform automates the entire loan origination process front-to-back. Gave about 558% improvement in productivity. Availability of multichannel interaction with customers like chatbots, messengers, etc.”

Paul Maleski
Product Owner


What loan management software is currently used in the lending industry?

The lending industry is densely saturated with various loan management software offered by a lot of development companies. Now, digital platforms can support either separate aspects of the lending process (e.g. loan origination, loan servicing, etc.) or enable financial institutions to automate the overall loan lifecycle.

What is loan management?

Loan management is the process of managing loan-granting procedures, namely loan application processing, submitting the borrower’s documents and their verification, fund disbursement, and new product offerings.

What is loan servicing software?

Loan servicing software is a digital tool used for the automation and management of loans from origination to reporting. This type of software enables greater control over regulatory compliance, minimizes error, and reduces the effort needed to track and reconcile loans. Loan servicing solutions automate the processes of collecting principal and interest payments from a borrower and streamline back-office operations.

What is the ABLE Platform?

ABLE Platform is a loan management system for the end-to-end automation of the entire process—from loan origination and servicing to debt collection and new product offerings.

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